LAMPANG – The white pagodas of Wat Phra Phutthabat Pu Daeng are drawing both worshippers and tourists as they seemingly float in a “sea of cloud” on towering cliffs in Chae Hom district.

The temple, on top of a mountain in tambon Wichet Nakhon, is renowned for its ethereal beauty

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It is being promoted as part of “Unseen Thailand”, and with the cooler weather it can now be seen at its best.

Most visitors arrive in the winter. They have to climb as many as 300 steps to reach the temple about 700 metres above sea level, but once there they have a magnificent 360 degree panoramic view of Chae Hom town and the surrounding countryside.

Buddhists believe that walking up the steps brings great merit, because it is difficult to get to the top and reach the temple.

The temple caretaker, Khru Ba Kham Pon, said now the weather has cooled down people climbing to the temple in the early morning can appreciate the “sea of clouds”. It is quite rare to see such natural beauty in Lampang, so the temple has a constant flow of visiting tourists and worshippers, he said.

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