Bang Krachao, which is also known as the “green lung” of Bangkok, is going to get some attention from agencies hoping to make the area greener and lusher while fulfilling the late king’s wish for the area to be rehabilitated and preserved.

The rehab project was announced yesterday and will be an initiative shared by three agencies: the Royal Forest Department, Kasetsart University, and PTT Plc.

A fund of THB100 million has been earmarked by PTT for the project, which should take three years, reported Thai PBS.

The project entails the creation of new and rehabilitation of existing green spaces at the 11,000-rai Bang Krachao. Currently, the destination is about 60 percent greenery. After the project is complete, that number will reach 70 percent.

The island has always been mostly greenery but property values on the island have gone up, prompting some local residents to begin selling off parts of their property to developers.