Last night, following the news of HM the King’s passing, domestic stations switched to rolling footage showing monochrome pictures and video of the king throughout his 70-year reign.

According to national spokesman Lt. Gen. Sansern Kaewkamnerd, all Thai TV network programs have been suspended for the next month. International news networks, such as BBC, CNN, and Al Jazeera, were replaced as well with the same programing.

The move means most Thais are currently unable to access independent news through their televisions at a time when the country undergoes a watershed moment and the first succession in 70 years.

Thai newspaper websites were still publishing their own material late Thursday but they too had ditched colour.

The Bangkok Post’s usual blue masthead was a dull grey with a large monochrome picture of Bhumibol above it. Even advertisements has been leached of colour.

The Nation, another English language newspaper, had replaced its homepage with a picture of the king under the headline “Kingdom Grieves”, all of it black and white.

Major Thai language newspapers like Thairath, Matichon had done the same. Even Pantip, a wildly popular Thai language chat forum, had gone entirely black and white.

People will still be able to access the internet. Major Thai language websites, like Pantip, have gone monochrome as well to show their respects, reported Bangkok Post.



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