If you want to be the owner of a high-end car in Thailand, you can’t go the cheap way. Or at least, that’s what the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) is saying.

Director-General of the DSI, Paisit Wongmuang, sent out two groups to investigate reports of high-end cars that have been illegally assembled in Thailand without proper licensing so that the owners can avoid paying expensive import taxes on them.

The first group started the investigation in Prachinburi province, at SKT Motor Plc, where tax fraud was suspected. This led to the seizure of 37 vehicles by Mercedes Benz and BMW that, all together, had a total value of THB200 million, according to Thai News Bureau.

The second group came back with 12 more high-end vehicles. This brought the total number of cars without proper documentation up to 49. This lot of cars included models from Ferrari, Porsche and Rolls Royce.

Source: http://bangkok.coconuts.co/

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