The passing of HM the King has led to lots of questions, one that the government is currently asking is how public holidays will change. To this end, they’ve asked calendar makers to hold off on finalizing their 2017 editions until the government can confirm which monarchy-related holidays will change next year.

The holidays that could be named as different dates next year include: Coronation Day, May 5; and the late king’s birthday, Dec. 5.

Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister, said, “The government understands this may inconvenience those who want to produce calendars for next year and is sorry about the problems as determining new public holidays will take some time.”

It’s not just companies that produce calendars to sell; it’s every large bank, corporation and organization that produces a calendar to give to their clients that will need to hold off on production.

Officials have said that as many as four holidays may change but that all changes need to go through the proper approval channels. There is also the possibility that there will be a vote to keep the holidays as they are, reported Bangkok Post.



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