Downtown hotels are slashing room rates by up to 40 per cent from high season tariffs to accommodate people traveling to Bangkok to pay their final respects to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The Khao San Tourism Business Club has said 14 hotels in inner areas including Khao San Road are offering big discounts of 10 to 40 per cent for mourners.

The 14 hotels have set aside a limited number of rooms for Bt600 to Bt1,500 per night until next month.

Siriwan Thongsuwan, manager of Panee Lodge, said the hotel was selling 15 rooms per day for Bt800, out of its 22 rooms.

“During this high season, our room rate is up to Bt1,200 per night but this is a special event and we would love to help people,” he said.

Thammarat Ratanapiban, front office manager of Buddy Lodge on Khao San Road, said the hotel offered more than a 40-per-cent markdown for guests visiting for the current royal event.

“We’ve cut our rate for 20 rooms per night or more if needed, from Bt1,900 to Bt1,000 per night,” he said.

Patcharin Choewnawin from Khaosan Palace said the property is making about 10 per cent of its 1,000 rooms available for Bt850 per night, down from the rate of Bt900 to Bt1,100

An officer of the Khao San Tourism Business Club said other hotels featuring special deals were the Boutique Inn, De Moc, Dang Derm, D&D Inn, Dang Derm in the Parc, Baan Chart, The Pillow Hostel, Sleep with Inn, Sakul House, Rambutri House and Khao San Park.

About half of the participating hotels are including breakfast while one offers transportation.

The club said operators would take bookings from both online and walk-in guests at the same rate.



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