The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) is considering drastically cutting fares on its newly-opened Purple Line since very few people are using it.

The line, which runs between Taopoon and Bang Yai and only opened on August 6, is only getting about 20,000 riders daily. MRTA governor Peerayuth Singpattanakul said today that they expected to get 60-70,000 users each day, reported Thai PBS.

As feared, they believe that the low number in passengers stems from the fact that there is a 1km gap between the last stop on the Blue Line and the first stop on the Purple Line.

They are currently working to bridge that gap but currently, it’s pretty inconvenient for riders.

There is a free shuttle bus that connects the two stations but many riders don’t find that convenient enough. Peerayuth is urging the companies doing the construction to complete it within two months.

It has not been reported how much they would drop the fares and if they would go back up once the gap is bridged.


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