Thailand has recently alienated their Chinese tourists after trashing them on social media, and if this story holds any weight, they may be losing others as well.

However, in between bouts of trying to lure rich Germans back to the land of smiles, the latest news from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is that Thailand can expect a 20 percent increase in tourists coming to Thailand from the Arabian Peninsula country of Oman, which is situated next to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Suvat Chirapant, the deputy permanent secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that, “Thailand has always been open to Arab tourists and of late we have seen a great increase in their numbers. We provide the best services for our friends from the [gulf] countries and have shared a great bond over the centuries,” reported Muscat Daily.

Assistant Executive Director of the TAT, Jittima Sukpalin, talked about steps that Thailand has taken to welcome halal tourists to the country. There are now more halal restaurants and hotels than ever before in Thailand. Due to these efforts, it’s expected that more tourists will arrive from Oman this year.

She noted that 38,000 Omanis have already visited Thailand this year. However, that’s not such a large number considering that Thailand welcomes about 30 million tourists each year.


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