BANGKOK: — A passenger who had run up a 400 baht taxi fare disappeared – but left behind a fighting cock as payment for the taxi fare.

But driver Reungrit Phankot, 37, was not impressed – he took his new friend to Samut Prakarn police to make a complaint about the matter, reported Sanook.

A report was duly completed by startled officers – who were then asked to take care of the fowl until the owner could be located.

Reungrit said that he had picked up a man aged about 35-40 who had asked to take him to an address in Thai Ban Road of Samut Prakarn south of Bangkok. He was asked to wait and shortly after the passenger emerged with two chickens – one male and one female.

They then drove around many locations as the passenger attempted to sell the chickens. Finally in Phutaraksa Road the passenger asked him to stop and wait at a nearby gas station. He took the female chicken with him leaving the other in the cab.

Two hours later when the passenger failed to return he decided to go to police. He told cops he was worried that the cock may be stolen property and he didn’t want it even if the passenger had intended it to be payment for the 400 baht fare he was due.

He asked officers to look after it until the owner could be found.