Tropical Thailand expects up to 6 percent rise in tourists in 2017

Thailand’s tourist arrivals are forecast to rise between 3.75 percent to 5.8 percent next year, the Tourism Council said on Wednesday, driven largely by Chinese visitors. Thailand’s tourism industry accounts for about 10 percent of gross domestic product. Budget-friendly Thailand expects up to 34.4 million tourists in 2017, council president Ittirit Kinglek said. A crackdown […]

Taking selfies banned on cliffs at national parks

For those who want to Instagram their cold snaps from a mountain top, the bad news is that officials have banned taking selfies at dangerous locations on cliffs. The ban was implemented just as Thais nationwide are flocking to the mountains in the north to experience the rare winter breeze, and some people have obviously […]

Kind Cabbie: Phuket taxi driver reunites Italian tourist with lost cash, computer

Yesterday, an Italian tourist was happily reunited with his belongings — which included over THB100,000 in cash and his passport after he left them in a taxi. The man, Francesso Valluzzi, 71, reported to airport security and Sakoo Police that he had lost his bag after being dropped off by taxi at his accommodation in Kamala. […]

Cap the Chardonnay: Free booze on Asian airlines may be halted

Due to the rising costs of fuel and the decline of passengers traveling in business and first-class, which provide the highest amount of revenue for carriers, airlines are looking at ways to cut costs — and your in-flight free booze might be the first thing to go. Due to cost projections for 2017, the current […]

Hotel operators to jack up room rates for non-package tourists

The Thai Hotel Association aims to increase room rates between 5 to 10 percent next year since learning about the rising trend of FITs (free independent travelers) who spend most of their budget on accommodations. Suwan Thanormkiattibhumi, Director of the Thai Hotel Association, said that the number of self-booked travelers has increased, therefore, the hotel […]