The Thailand Post service is about to lay out a bunch of money to be able to offer more modern services and amenities to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy population.

The postal service is investing THB500 million on IT and new technology that will help them better serve online sellers and other modern users of their services.

They realized they needed to take these steps in order to gain back business from messenger service apps like GrabBike that can deliver things quickly and cheaply and their services can be ordered from the convenience of a user’s mobile phone. They also realized that the need for such services is growing with the rise of people having at home businesses that require delivery such as Instagram and Facebook shops.

With the money they are investing, Thailand Post plans to introduce a bunch of services in the next several months.

PromptPost is an app that lets people who regularly ship lots of packages, such as online sellers, pre-register and use new self-service kiosks that cut the processing time of each package down from eight seconds to two seconds, reported Bangkok Post.

They will also introduce THP Card, a prepaid card that allows people to pay quickly at post offices across the country, and, hopefully, a license from Bank of Thailand to allow e-wallet services.

Thailand Post already increased and optimized their international delivery and e-commerce services to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and China.

International revenue makes up 14 percent of Thailand Post’s total sales and they hope to increase that number.


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